U-Power Infinergy Footwear

The INFINERGY Technology:

  • The Infinergy range all include an anti-fatigue midsole in anti-bacterial breathable PU with channels for air circulation.
  • Comfort and exceptional slip resistance.  Coefficient of friction .82.
  • Infinergy E-TPU Foam Sole made up of thousands of tiny cells of enclosed air that dampen shock impact and bounce the energy back on every step.

INFINERGY Footwear Technology from U-Power offers a range of improvements for the wearer during their working day:
  • Shock Absorption
  • Energy Rebound
  • Durable Cushioning
  • Overall Comfort

The Infinergy range are especially designed for workers that are on their feet all day, either standing or walking long distances, including warehouse workers, postal sorting centre staff, medical personnel, hospitality staff and retail industry workers.  Wearing this shoe range will reduce effects of roles that require alot of walking and standing such as:  Aching Feet, Muscular Tensions, Circulatory Problems, Low Back Pain and Joint Stiffness.