Progarm 2660 Class 1 Arc Flash Helmet

The ProGARM 2660 Electrically Insulating Safety Arc Flash Helmet (Class 1) with an integrated Face Shield, is certified to protect against the Thermal Hazards of an Electric ARC.  This Arc Safety Helmet consists of Modified High Impact Polyamide and is designed to protect the head against:

  • Injuries caused by falling objects.
  • Electric Shock by preventing shock current flow through the head.
  • Short Circuit Arc Welding and Molten Metal Splashes - the wearer is protected against these hazards by wearing the approved face shield that comes with the helmet.

The Face Shield has both an Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch coating.  This Face Shield fully retracts into the helmet when not in use to protect it from damage and features a unique chin piece to protect the chin against an ARC Flash Hazard.

Product Features:


  • Working Temperature range -30 degrees and +50 degrees
  • Wheel Ratchet Adjustment
  • Adjustable head circumference from 53-63cm
  • Two level height adjustment feature
  • Short Peak
  • 4 point webbing harness
  • Accessory slot for Ear Defenders
  • Resistance to Molten Metal Splash (MM)
  • Resistance to Lateral Deformations (LD)
  • Electrical Insulation (Class 0) 1000V AC, 1500V DC
  • EN397 : 2012+A1:2012
  • EN50365 : 2002

Face Shield:

  • Optical Powers, light transmission factor, luminance factor of dispersed light - optical class 1
  • Resistance to medium energy impact (speed of stroke up to 120 m/s, mass of the ball .86g) - (B)
  • Protection against droplets and splashes of liquids - (3)
  • Resistance to UV Radiation (2)
  • Level of Protection 1.2 (transparent face shield)Level of Protection 1.7 (dimmed face shield)
  • Protection against short circuit Electric Arc (8)
  • Protection against thermal hazards of an Electric Arc - Class 1 (box test; 4kA/0.5s) VLT factor > 75% for class 0
  • Protection against molten metal and hot solids - (9)
  • Resistance to surface damage by fine particles (K)
  • Resistance to fogging - (N)
  • This Face Shield is tested in accordance with EN166 and also tested for ARC flash in accordance with GS-ET-29.
  • The IEC61482-1-2 Box Test is applied to the Face Shield
  • GS-ET-29 is a "supplementary requirement for the testing and certification of Face Shields for electrical works".

code: HEZZH2660
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