About Us

Picture of O'Sullivan Safety Headquarters

O'Sullivan Safety Ltd. are the leading suppliers of Personal Protective clothing and safety equipment in Ireland.  Established in 1982, by Donal O'Sullivan, O'Sullivan Safety Ltd specialises in the supply of quality workwear and safety products across a wide spectrum of industries.

We act as distributors for the worlds leading manufacturers of personal protective clothing and equipment and carry a wide range of the best brands in the industry.

Our constant focus on quality guarantees that any product displayed in this online catalogue is manufactured to the highest standards and meets the necessary safety standards in force.

We are conscious of the need to provide excellent value for money and consequently we work very hard to ensure that we offer a range of solutions and products at the most competitive prices. Through our membership of the Eurosafe organization we have the power to negotiate the best possible deals on behalf of our customers. 

Our team are recognized as the experts in the business with over 120 years of combined industry experience.

We work closely with our customers to provide the best and most appropriate solutions for the needs of their workplace.

We don’t just supply products. We provide corporate uniform solutions with access to our managed care system. We offer single source supply with tailor-made service to our loyal customers.

We have a very wide and varied customer base from large Government contracts to utilities, HSE, fire brigades, food processing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, engineering, technology etc.

Our commitment to customer service is total and we place strong emphasis on product development, quality and value for money.